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Office repair guide! How to repair a Microsoft Office file?

Millions of people around the world use MS Office applications. Many of us are frustrated with corrupted Microsoft files, as the documents and presentations we create reflect our abilities and dedication. This blog discusses the reasons for MS Office file corruption, as well as various strategies for quick and effective Office repair. It also answers some of the most common questions from MS Office customers.

Part 1. What is Microsoft Office?
Microsoft Office is an office suite consisting of a set of computer applications for use in businesses and educational institutions around the world. It has become a must-have application for virtually anyone with a computer or mobile device. The term “desktop” refers to a collection of computer systems.

To explain in a nutshell what it’s for, Microsoft wants you to use its suite of tools to do everything that can be done in an office, including creating text documents, invoices, budgets and accounting entries, and creating presentations to show new ideas or products, among other things.

Word processors, spreadsheets, slideshow editors and even quick note-taking tools are among the tools Microsoft makes available in Office Repair to help you achieve this goal.

The office suite has always been ahead of the demands of individuals working in businesses and households around the world, contributing significantly to “Office”.

Part 2. Why can a Microsoft Office file become corrupted?
If two files are opened at the same time, they will collide with each other and create an error that prevents them from opening properly. To make sure this doesn’t happen, try closing any other documents you are using before opening the file. You may also need to save the file before opening it.

There are many things that can cause MS Office files to become corrupt. Here are some of the most common reasons for file corruption in Microsoft Office:

File corruption can be caused by where the corrupted file is stored. If the storage medium has problems with external storage, Microsoft files may be corrupted.
File types: The new Microsoft suite includes some new file formats. For example, “.docx”, a more stable format than “.doc”, is the current format for Word documents. This may be the cause of corrupted Microsoft files.
Formatting problems: Moving or formatting photos or the contents of office repair files can be difficult and can damage the files.

Part 3. How to repair corrupted Microsoft Office file?
Solution 1: Repair corrupted MS office file with Wondershare Repairit software
The most effective and fastest way to be able to repair all your damaged data using only software, as it overcomes all the security issues that arise from such problems. We have chosen Wondershare Repairit for this purpose because of its ability to quickly resolve files corrupted by errors without causing any further damage or inconvenience to you.

Many people recommend it which allows you to make videos playable even if they are corrupted or unplayable, as well as repair photos that have been damaged by watermarking. You will be able to repair all types of files instantly without any quality loss! There are three steps to follow – we will guide you through them!

Wondershare Repairit – Your file repair software
Repair 4 file types: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF
Repair corrupted files due to different causes and from all devices
Offers excellent search options to find corrupted files instantly
Preview files for free before repair
Process is very simple in 3 steps

Just click on the download and install the program to repair a defective Office file. Both Windows and Mac versions are available! All you need to do is choose the right version for your operating system and click “Download” Once the program is successfully downloaded, make sure you have enough space on your computer to install it; don’t worry, we will guide you step by step.

Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Add your corrupted Office files.

To begin with, download Wondershare Repairit and install it on your PC. Now, go to the side menu button and choose “File Repair”, then select Add to open a new window that will select all corrupted MS Office files on local storage drives or network shares that are available by default in Windows settings (including NTFS). This capability also allows you to select multiple objects at once, which makes software repair much more convenient!

Step 2: Repair Office files.

To begin repairing, click the “Repair” button after importing your documents into Repairit. Every document submitted will be analyzed by the program, and any small or large flaws it finds will be fixed! You’ll also be able to see where particular files were in the repair process – either while the scan is running, or while waiting for it to finish if necessary.

Repairit presents a pop-up window with information about the number of files repaired after the file repair process is complete.

Step 3: Preview the results and save your repaired Office files.

Once the repair is complete, you can preview any corrupted Office file by clicking “Preview” next to the icon. You can then double-check the results before saving the document! Repairit’s native interface also allows you to preview all repaired documents – Word, PowerPoint, Excel and PDF – without having to install anything else. If you want to save multiple copies at once, simply select “Save All” from the drop-down menu below where they are listed, and everything will be saved simultaneously; then, depending on the scenario, choose the most appropriate folder (there are many such folders already created).

Solution 2: Use the “Open and Repair” feature to repair a damaged MS Office file.
Microsoft’s built-in “Open and Repair” capability can now effortlessly repair corrupted Microsoft files. This feature can help you repair PowerPoint, Word and Excel files in the most efficient and effective way.

To use this option, go to the following URL and open the program that supports your document:

To repair word in .doc/.docx files, open “MS Word.”
To repair excel in .xls/.xlsx files, open “MS Excel.
To repair powerpoint in .ppt/.pptx files, open “MS PowerPoint.
Follow the steps below as follows:

Step 1: Select “Open” from the “File” menu (in newer versions, click on the “Desktop” symbol and select “Open”).

Step 2: Select “Open and Repair” from the drop-down menu next to the “Open” button.

Step 3: To repair defective MS Office files, follow the instructions on the screen.

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