Install Office LTSC installation files not found in VLSC

The following procedure applies to the following programs only:

Office LTSC Professional Plus 2021
Office LTSC Standard 2021
Visio LTSC Professional 2021
Visio LTSC Standard 2021
Project Professional 2021
Project Standard 2021

Follow the procedure below to download and install your Office LTSC, Visio LTSC or Project 2021 software or application.

The screenshots show examples that may not match your situation.

1 . In Microsoft Edge, go to the Office Deployment Tool and select Download.


The file is automatically saved in the Downloads folder of your device. Office LTSC 2021 requires version 16.0.14326.20404 or later of the Office Deployment tool. This version was released on September 17, 2021.

2 . Select the Open File link under the file name.

3 . A pop-up window displays the terms of the Microsoft Software License Agreement. Select the checkbox to accept the terms and then select Continue.


If you are prompted to select a location to save the files, select the folder you created.

4 . When prompted to select a folder in which to store the extracted files, select Office>Create New Folder>OK.

5 . If you purchased Office LTSC Professional Plus 2021, Visio LTSC Professional 2021 and Project Professional 2021, you can use the sample configuration file (configuration-Office2021Enterprise.xml) included in the Office Deployment tool to install your products. In this case, you can proceed to step 22 of this procedure. If you have purchased only one of these products, proceed to the next step to use the Office Customization Tool.

6 . Go to the Microsoft 365 Apps administration center. Do not attempt to log in. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to view the options available at the bottom without logging in.

7 . Under Create Configuration, select Create to open the Office Customization Tool.


The following steps describe the easiest way to create a configuration file. For more information on the different configuration options, see the article Configuration Options for the Office Deployment Tool.

8 . Under Products and Versions>Architecture, select 64-bit.


For more information, see the article Choosing between 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Office

9 . Under Products, select the products you want to deploy.

10 . Under Update Channel, Office LTSC 2021 Perpetual Enterprise is listed as the update channel. Do not change this setting.

Under Applications, use the toggle buttons to determine which applications to install, then select Next.

Under Language, choose the primary language of your choice, then select Next.

Under Installation, choose the options for your needs, if required, and then select Next.

Under Update and Upgrade>Update and Upgrade Options, select the options that meet your needs, if necessary.

Under Upgrade Options, indicate whether to keep any of the products already installed on the device, if necessary, and then select Next.

Under Licensing and Activation, select the Multiple Activation Key (MAK ) option, type the product-specific volume license key, change the Automatic Activation slider to On, and select Next.


By default, users must accept the End User License Agreement. You can toggle the Automatically accept the terms of the license agreement to Disabled to accept the agreement for users.
Under Product Activation, only the User-based option can be selected.
If your organization uses Key Management Service (KMS) activation, select the KMS Client Key option instead.

Under General, type in your name or the name of your company or organization and select Next.

Under Application Preferences, select Finish.

In the upper right corner of the page, select Export.

In the Default File Format window, select a format for Office LTSC 2021, then select OK.

In the Export Configuration to XML window, select the I accept the terms of the license agreement check box. In the File name text box, type Configuration, select Export, and then move the Configuration.xml file to the folder you created in step 4.


The folder in which the file is saved will vary depending on the web browser you are using. Note the location where the browser saves it. For example, if you are using Microsoft Edge, the Configuration.xml file is stored in the Downloads folder.

Open a Command Prompt window with elevated privileges. (Select the Windows button, type CMD, right-click Command Prompt, and then select Run as Administrator).

Type cd , then press Enter. The command prompt line is now updated to the location to which the files were downloaded.


The space in the file is the file path of the location to which you downloaded the file.

Run the following command to start the Office installation:

Setup /configure configuration.xml

If you are using a slow or bandwidth-limited Internet connection, use the following command instead:


Setup /download configuration.xml

Activate Office LTSC with a product key
If automatic activation fails, you can manually activate your software by doing the following:

Open a Word, Excel or PowerPoint file and select File.

Select Account>Change Product Key.

Type the product key in the text box and select Activate Office.


You may need to close the Office application and restart it to activate the license.