Blockchain Potential

Since the role of recording and storing information and data is fundamental
for the government, they have the unwavering duty to have a system that is
built upon trust. Citizens must trust that their information and data are secure
with the government. Our citizens’ most basic information and data must be
secure from hacks and breaches from within our borders and outside our state
and country.
The nature and technology of blockchain seem very promising in a world
where government must provide a safe haven for storing and transferring
records. The distributed nature and trust verification process of blockchain is
potential of great use to our government and must be fast-tracked and
implemented expeditiously. The deployment of these core technologies can
lead to a more transparent and efficient government and benefit society.
The application of these concepts is demonstrated in the working example
“The Bermuda FinTech Story: Building on a reputation for innovation and
collaboration” by the Premier of Bermuda, the Hon. E. David Burt, JP, MP